Monday, November 24, 2014

30% Dayspring Sale: Beautiful Gifts under $10!

Redeemed - Antiqued Gold Finish Ring
"trust" vintage ring $3.49 after promo code

Over the summer, a friend send me a ring from the Dayspring "Redeemed" vintage style collection, with the reference Psalm 91 and "Trust" inscribed on the back. She sent it as an encouragement to me after my mom passed away. I love having jewelry that has a message behind it.

Redeemed - Treasured - Fashion Bracelet     Redeemed - Joy - Medallion Necklace
"redeemed & treasured" bracelet is $3.49 after promo code
"joy" necklace is $5.59 after promo code

A few weeks ago, I went online to Dayspring and discovered that a lot of their Redeemed collection is clearanced way down... I ordered a few pieces for myself, and I absolutely love them. They dress up my normal tank top & jeans, or pair well with a dress. If you're looking for Christmas/birthday gifts in the jewelry, beauty accessories, or home decor realm that encourages and uplifts, you should definitely check these pieces out!

Through December 1st, you can take 30% off your Dayspring purchase sitewide with promo code "30FRIDAY14", and I discovered it works on the clearance items as well! Shipping is free on purchases of $50 or more of regular merchandise, but clearance items don't apply to that... However, paying shipping without having to leave my home, fight the holiday traffic, or take my toddlers shopping with me (*cough-cough*) is totally worth it.

Here's a highlight of some of the beautiful pieces they have... (they have a TON more clearance items, like purses, other jewelry, coffee cups, journals, leather notebooks, cards, home decor... tons of wonderful clearance, plus their normal priced things that will all be 30% off!!!)

Redeemed - Blessed - Vintage Glass Vase     Redeemed - He Has Made Everything Beautiful - Pillow Cover    Redeemed - Beautiful in Its Time - Vintage Glass Vase  "redeemed, hopeful, blessed" vase: $3.49 after promo code
"He has made everything" pillow, $6.99 after promo code
"everything beautiful" vase, $5.95 after promo code

Redeemed - The Lord Is My Light - Decorative Lantern     Redeemed - Everything Beautiful Begins with God - Jewelry Tree     Redeemed - Inspirational Wooden Letters - Set of 8
"the Lord is my light" lantern, $5.60 after promo code
"everything beautiful" jewelry tree, $9.09 after promo code
"redeemed wooden letters", $13.99 after promo code

Redeemed - Truly Beautiful - Makeup Bag     Redeemed - Truly Treasured - Wallet     Redeemed - Everything Beautiful - Fabric Cuff image
"truly beautiful" large makeup bag, $6.99 after promo code
"truly treasured" wallet, $6.99 after promo code
"everything beautiful" fabric cuff, $3.49 after promo code