Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1 lb. of Fall Flavored Coffee for $2.95 shipped!!!

Boca Java is still offering their Fall Flavor Duo for $12.95. I ordered it a few weeks ago when they were offering a special, and I absolutely have loved it! If you're not a coffee lover, they also have chai teas, cocoa, tea, etc... all of which you could get for really cheap, or even FREE! Or get the Fall Flavor Duo as a frugal gift for someone! Here's how you can get 1lb (each bag is 8oz) for $2.95 shipped:

- Automatically get $10 off your first purchase by sending me the email address you would use to checkout with. I will send you a referral from Boca Java, which is what will give you the $10 credit*.
- After receiving your email from Boca Java, go to Boca Java and create an account (just uncheck the box if you don't want emails from them) using the email address you gave me.
- Then add the Fall Flavor Duo @ $12.95 (or something else in the $10-$13 range, like tea or chai, if you don't like coffee) to your cart.
- Start the Check Out process...
- When you get to the Review Your Order page, you should see the $10 discount taken off under Order Summary. Your total then will be around $10.90.
- To get FREE SHIPPING (-$7.95), enter the code "NCD" into the gray box that says "Enter promotions, gift cards, and e-certificates here". This should remove the shipping (it will show up "shipping discount" and minus $7.95) --- update: when checking out, if it's only allowing you to "place order", and doesn't give an option to enter a promo code, you may have to try several times. It has worked for several people, but not for one person. Not sure why.
- Your new order total should be $2.95. This offer is good through Saturday, October 30th!

Last time I ordered this, I ordered it for me, and Nate. So now I have some yummy coffee in my freezer to pull out in a few weeks! Enjoy your treat as the days get cooler, the leaves are changing, and winter sets in!

*Boca Java has a "refer a friend" program that offers $10 to every friend a customer refers, and then when they make their first purchase, the original customer will receive a $10 credit as well. So if you do choose to do this deal, I wanted to let you know I'll be receiving a $10 credit, too. If you stay on their email list, you'll receive promo codes in the future, which you can then pass on to friends you refer, and earn some extra credit through your friends. Just wanted to let y'all know! As a daughter of God, I want to live a life of integrity, especially as I'm learning to live more frugally!


  1. can you send me a referral pretty please? :) sjm17@yahoo.com

  2. Can you send me a code, Jessica?
    ascrank at gmail dot com :)

  3. Thanks- just ordered 2 coffees for $1.28! :)