Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Review: Lillies in Moonlight

Lilies in Moonlight: A Novel
If you pick up "Lillies in Moonlight", be ready to enjoy a ride through America's Roaring 20's. The author, Allison Pittman, creatively takes her readers through various elements in the 1920's, giving a taste of some of the joys & struggles present in such a tumultuous time! Lilly, the main character, shows the new lifestyle being offered to young women throughout the country because of the women's liberation movement, and Cullen, another character, shows how during the "Roaring 20's" America was still a country recovering from the pain of a war (World War I). This is a great historical fiction, not getting bogged down in details, but staying true to the time period. Woven through the entire story is the ageless message of God's love for each and every person, and His desire to have a personal relationship with every individual. It gives a story of grace and redemption, love and forgiveness. I definitely enjoyed the book and recommend it to others who like historical fiction!

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