Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rite Aid: $2.24 for 10-ct of Duracell Batteries (no coupons needed!)

If anyone needs a good deal on batteries, stop by Rite Aid because certain packs of Duracel Coppertop batteries are ringing up $2.24, even though the shelf price is $8.99. Both the AA and AAA 10-ct (the 8+2=10 packs) are ringing up at this price. This is without coupons or a Rite Aid wellness card! (The UPC for the AAA is 4133317064 and the UPC for the AA is 4133304864.)

I stopped by my Rite Aid this afternoon, had them price checked, and sure enough, the deal is going! The cashier was surprised, and picked up a pack for herself. Don't know why they're ringing up that, but it's a great deal to keep toys, flashlights, & remotes alive!

Thanks, Hip2Save!

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