Monday, July 9, 2012

It's about to rain book reviews... :-)

As a wise woman shared with me a few weeks ago: "You know, I think every season on life is crazy, just in different ways." Well-meaning friends often say something along the lines, "If you think you're busy right now, wait until you reach ---insert life season---, then it really gets crazy!"

I'm sure that's true, but in the midst of learning a new season in life (in my specific instance, a stay-at-home mom of two kiddos 21 months apart), thinking of it getting crazier doesn't help me catch my breath in the moment! Letting myself acknowledge that right now, in this particular adventure in my life, there are days that DO feel crazy, somehow gives me breathing room to face the next moment. It relieves some pressure.

One area I've been able to start catching up on this summer has been reading... I have enjoyed being part of both Waterbrook Multnomah's "Blogging for Books" and Bethany House Book Reviewers programs, but have gotten behind on reading the books and writing my reviews. So get ready for a slew of reviews coming the next few days! Feel free to skip them, skim them, or whatever else you want to do. But I need to hold up my end of the deal with writing honest reviews for receiving these books*!

And if you, too, are sometimes overwhelmed with a "crazy" season or adventure in your life, take a deep breath. Don't fear life getting crazier. Embrace today (but you don't always have to enjoy every single moment), capture the great moments, and let go of the hard ones when you can. And let yourself smile! I know the connection isn't really clear between book reviews and life being crazy, but for me it was a tangible example of how something as small as writing a review can feel like pressure, when it really doesn't have to be!

* If you are a blogger (of any size blog) and like reading, sign-up to be part of either of those programs! I personally recommend them. Both publishing companies send you a free copy of the book you choose, which you read, and then write an honest review for them. A great way to read good books without having to spend extra money! And no, neither company is paying me anything to promote their programs! :-)

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