Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"When You Rise" Blog: Great Resources

When You Rise

I just wanted to quickly highlight a blog I have been following this last year, and give any of y'all who like great giveaways a chance to enter "a whole slew" of them today!

When You Rise is a blog dedicated to being "a place where you can get creative ideas to teach children God's Word and find some encouragement along the way as you lead them!" 

To celebrate their one-year blog anniversary, they have been hosting a month long celebration of giveaways, and today is the last day to enter all the giveaways before the "party" tomorrow! So head over here to get involved and sign-up for some fantastic resources for your family. And these giveaways are simple... one entry. And you don't have to "like" a bunch of other blogs, write blog post comments, or even have a Facebook account! Anyone with an email address can enter!

When You Rise has greatly encouraged me personally this last year. Not only have there been some creative ideas for teaching God's Word to younger children (toddler-elementary age), helpful reviews of resources to use, but they have also shared their highs and lows along the parenting/teaching journey. It helps me take a deep breath some days when I know other kids also have meltdowns, other moms have days where battling for a positive attitude is difficult, etc... So often on social media sites like Facebook & Blogs, we get to see each other's life highlights. Then when the messy moments hit between the highlights, we feel like we're the only one who has that happen. So as the writers of this blog have shared their ups and downs, it has challenged and encouraged me to keep on keeping on. I think it will challenge and encourage you, too.

So go sign up for some giveaways... Would love to have some readers win something!*

* When You Rise did not sponsor this post or ask me to do it... I just wanted to share an encouraging blog with my friends so y'all can be encouraged, too! I received nothing in exchange for me posting this.

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