Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Favorite Homemade Cleaner #3: Bathroom Soap Scum Remover

For the last five years my husband and I rented a home that was built in 1969 and was mostly the original appliances/fixtures. Including a bathtub that had been converted to a shower as well. And there were dark rings in the tub that I have never been able to remove. I've tried Ajax, Comet, Total, Soft Scrub, SOS pads, Scrubbing Bubbles... nothing has ever gotten that tub white again.

Right before we moved, I was deep-cleaning the bathroom and ran across this soap scum remover recipe posted by Passionate Penny Pincher and decided to give the tub one last try.

I couldn't believe it. It worked. I called my mom. My mother-in-law. My friends. My sisters. I've cleaned toilets with it, other bathtubs, rings around sink drains... and it just keeps on surprising me by working!

Going to warn you, since it contains a lot of vinegar, it is strong. But worth the smell. Just open a window or turn on a fan. And be amazed!

Thanks, Passionate Penny Pincher!

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