Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For My Friends... How I Earn FREE Amazon Gift Cards!!!

Whenever I'm hanging out with other ladies, the conversations tend to always somehow get around to couponing & saving money... One of the many ways I've learned to save money in the last few years has been through Swagbucks, an online search engine (like Google) that rewards you with "Swagbucks" for various things, that you can redeem for giftcards. My favorite gift card to redeem for is the $5 Amazon e-card for 450 SB's... So here's how to start earning with Swagbucks...

Sign-up here (my referral link, since you get extra swagbucks when friends sign up)
- You will automatically get 30 Swaqbucks just for signing up.
- Start searching! (you are randomly awarded swagbucks for internet searches)

Other ways to earn Swagbucks:
- Invite friends to join
- "Like" Swagbucks on Facebook for daily Swagcodes to redeem
- Take the daily poll
- Print & use coupons from Swagbucks (same coupons as coupons.com)
- Take Surveys
- Do searches on MegaSwagbucks Fridays
- and more... you'll catch on quick!

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