Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Review: "Jennifer" by Dee Henderson

I have enjoyed the various books by Dee Henderson over the last decade, especially the O'Malley series, and her newest book Jennifer: An O'Malley Love Story
reminded me why: She artistically writes relational romances, not physical romances. If the couples in her books were real, they would be walking life together month by month, year by year, through the romantic highs as well as the heart-breaking sorrows and trials to come... not moving on to the next attractive person once the passion fizzles out.

I am an avid reader of Christian fiction (romance, advernture, mystery, sci-fi), and finding a good book to savor isn't easy to come by. "Jennifer" was one I will probably pick up again to slowly read through with a good cup of coffee. The main character, Jennifer O'Malley, is a doctor working with children battling cancer. This book introduces you to the heart behind an emotional career (the hope & joys, as well as the sadness & grief, of battling cancer) she loves, and the pleasure of watching a friendship develop between her and a fellow doctor. 

In the midst of this new relationship developing, Jennifer receives some personally devastating news. The O'Malleys are not a typical set of siblings... they all met in an orphanage as teens and banded together, then legally changed their last name to become a family that is tighter than most blood-related families. The new doctor that she meets, Tom, not only shares his medical passion for life, but also starts introducing her to Jesus, who loves her unconditionally regardless of her past and wants to walk with her in her future. But she's never wanted anything to do with God.

It's more of a novelette, a prequel to the previously published series The O'Malley Series by Dee HendersonJennifer is the youngest of the siblings, and her story is woven throughout the entire O'Malley series. This lays the groundwork for her story. And if you've previously read the O'Malley series years ago, you might find yourself reading them all over again... I'm just finished The O'Malley Series #3: The Truth Seeker. :-)

This is the type literature that our culture needs... To get a glimpse into a relationship that is built on friendship that deepens into love. To see two people seek out each other's hearts, build trust & respect with one another, and establish a foundation for a relationship that stands together no matter what comes. I definitely recommend this book to any other ladies look for a solid, quality romance to read. It's different from the other O'Malley books in that is has a lot less mystery/action because it's really just Jennifer's story.

Thank-you, Dee Henderson, for blessing your culture with quality books like this one! I now want to re-read the O'Malley series...

* I received a copy of this book for free from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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