Sunday, May 19, 2013

Book Review: "Rules of Murder"

Coming out on August 1, 2013 is a new mystery novel "Rules of Murder" (A Drew Farthering Mystery)
 by Julianna Deering. Here is a taste of the story from the Amazon book description: 

"Downton Abbey Meets Agatha Christie in This Sparkling Mystery

Drew Farthering loves a good mystery, although he generally expects to find it in the pages of a novel, not on the grounds of his country estate. When a weekend party at Farthering Place is ruined by murder and the police seem flummoxed, Drew decides to look into the crime himself. With the help of his best friend, Nick Dennison, an avid mystery reader, and Madeline Parker, a beautiful and whip-smart American debutante staying as a guest, the three try to solve the mystery as a lark, using the methods from their favorite novels.

Soon, financial irregularities at Drew's stepfather's company come to light and it's clear that all who remain at Farthering Place could be in danger. Trying hard to remain one step ahead of the killer--and trying harder to impress Madeline--Drew must decide how far to take this game."

"Rules of Murder" (A Drew Farthering Mystery) takes places in England in the 1920's. This book captures the eleganance and frivolity of the British nobility. While it comes from a modern author, within a few chapters I felt like I was getting to read another Agatha Christie mystery novel with the Christian faith gently woven in... not in a religious or heavy way, just part of one of the main characters lives. I honestly don't know that I've read anything modern that could compare with the British classic mysteries of Agatha Christie's time, so this one was such a fun delight, and I look forward to the next book by Julianna Deering! Especially if she continues on with the curiosity and sleuthing of Drew Farthering and his friends. 

Mark your calendars for August 1, 2013. Maybe put in a pre-order request at your library... this book will be well worth it. Some books were fun evening reads (yes, I do read a ton... so thankful for a Kindle so my bookshelves no longer suffer from being so cluttered!), and others are worth brewing a good cup of coffee or tea and sitting to savor the story. This book was filled with twists, turns, and conversations that made me slow down to just enjoy a well-written book.

If I had to rate this book on a scale of one to five, I would give it six stars. It was just that good.

* I received a copy of this book for free from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own and nothing in this review was required or endorsed by Bethany House. This review may contain my affiliate links.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. More to come!

    Thank you. :)

    Julianna Deering (DeAnna Julie Dodson)

    1. Yes, please write more! My mom got me hooked on the older British mystery authors, and she can't wait to read this one on my Kindle (I have the e-book) because I told her how awesome it was. God has truly blessed you with a gift to write with such creativity that makes your story come to life for the reader and stands out amongst so much other literature. I will be recommending this book to friends!