Monday, May 20, 2013

Gone with the old, learning the new...

Since I've made the big move from Ohio down to Texas, my shopping is changing a bit... I will locally be shopping and finding the deals at the following stores:

- Target
- H-E-B (grocery store)
- Kroger (grocery store)
- CVS (drug store)

Unfortunately, I no longer will get to shop at the following stores because they aren't in the area...

- Giant Eagle (grocery store)
- Aldi (grocery store)
- Rite Aid (drug store)

So we'll see how the sales & deals pair with coupons at these new places! I definitely already miss the doubling coupon policy at Giant Eagle (Neither the local Kroger or HEB double any coupons) and the fantastic produce prices at Aldi... However, I'm already loving CVS more than Rite Aid because the ECB last for a month intead of the two week time period at Rite Aid... Gives me a chance to wait for the best deals!

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