Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Re-Purposing": A 2012 Priority

Over the last month, I have tried to spend time thinking over some of my "Priorities" for 2012. One of them is "re-purposing" items around the house (that I'm no longer using, or rarely use), to meet a need we currently have. Living within our family budget is rewarding & challenging. I love how we live (most days), but it takes intentionally and focusing on priorities to stay on track!

As we prepared for the arrival of our daughter in October (she's almost 4 months now!!!), we had to start clearing out areas of the house to make more room. I was amazed at the various items that surfaced: some of them went immediately into our garage sale boxes in the garage, but others have found new ways to be used again. 

I personally learn a lot from friends & other moms online, so I figured I can start incorporating ways to share things I'm "re-purposing" around the house, and y'all can share ideas, too! One of the books I read in January was Money Saving Mom's Budget*, and I was challenged by the concept of "de-cluttering". So I've started tackling each room in my house, one by one. The book suggests doing it in a day, but for me that hasn't been realistic (and I'm trying to get better about not putting unrealistic expectations on myself!). One room at a time has been successful and encouraging!

Have you "re-purposed" anything recently around your house?

* This is NOT my affiliate/referral link, it is the link from Money Saving Mom's website, because 100% of the proceeds of her book go to support Compassion International. If you share this book with friends online on Facebook/Twitter/Blog, share Money Saving Mom's link and not your own Amazon affiliate link, to honor the author's desire to support this wonderful ministry!

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