Monday, November 15, 2010

Bamboo Kitchen Utensils for $2.95 shipped, or 2 Bamboo cutting boards for $7.95!!!

**Update: Earlier Core Bamboo showed the 6-pc. utensil set is now sold out... Now it appears to be available again! So a few lucky bargain hunters might get it again! Depending on what you are looking for, there are still numerous great cutting boards for $7.95-$8.95 shipped, a 14pc. utensil set for $10.95 shipped, or even a bamboo paper towel holder for $4.95 shipped. With gas on the rise, those are still some great prices if you're limited on how much you're getting out and about. And what I have to remind myself weekly is that the Lord always provides what we need, and another deal will come!

Modnique* has just posted a new sale, called "Core Bamboo". "Core Bamboo" features various bamboo kitchen utensils and serving dishes/bowls, all made of beautiful bamboo, and sold at discount prices (although I wouldn't pay full price for most of it anyway...). You can get $5 off your first purchase, then use a coupon code for another $10, making for a few great deals: the above-pictures 6-pc. bamboo utensils for 2.95 shipped (I have a similar set, and love them on my non-stick pots & pans!) Or you can get the follow two cutting boards for $7.95 shipped...
Here's how to get this deal (and act quickly... they sell out fast once bargain bloggers find it!)...
- Go to Modnique and create an account. You will automatically get $5 credit added to your account. (*You will see my email address, "TexasMama10", in the invitation code box. This shows Modnique that I referred you there.)
- Go to the "Core Bamboo" sale.
- Select either of the above items and add to your cart.
- Check-out... to use store credit, you have to pay with a credit/debit card, not PayPal.
- Enter the code "star" in the coupon code box on the left. Click on "Apply Coupon".
- Then enter $5.00 in the "Apply Store Credit" box, then click on Apply.
- Your total will be either $2.95, or $7.95, depending on what you chose!

Happy Shopping! Maybe a great Christmas gift for a friend who loves to cook? Or a mom? Or you!

*Modnique is another online shopping place that offers credit for referring friends, so as I continue to learn online deals and blogging, I want to maintain my integrity and let my friends and followers know if I will be receiving credit for referring. I'm not sure if I will for this, because it looks like you only get credit if your referrals spend $100 or more, which is outrageous! :-) But I wanted to let you know so if you ever feel uncomfortable with me receiving referral credit from your purchase, you can go directly to Modnique online without clicking on the above link. 


  1. Thanks! I used your referral code and was able to get the 6 piece set for 2.95 :) This will go great with their cutting boards I got from a similar deal a while back :)

  2. I tried to order the utensil set an "This item is in another member's cart. Please try again later to see if it becomes available."

  3. Same problem - in another member's cart.

  4. 6 piece set says sold out on it

  5. I got the utensils, it showed my total of $3.65 yet when I clicked submit I got a confirm email and it said I was charged &8.85. I called the company, over 30 min on hold NO answer. I went to check my bank and see TWO charges. One $3.65 and one for $8.85. I called my bank and they are helping BUT the company has been flagged by them due to too many transaction issues.

  6. These are very nice but I cant buy from the internet. Is there any way to use an alternative payment provider to purchase over the internet? I would love to pick these up.

  7. Joseph, I honestly don't know anything about alternative ways to pay for these things. Sorry!

  8. I had no problem ordering and I just double checked my bank account...only charged $2.95.

    *Jess, you have a typo in your second paragraph says you can save $15.

  9. did ya'll have to pay s/h?