Friday, November 26, 2010

Entertainment Book for 30% off, plus 50% Cash Back!!! ($7.95 total after rebate)

Today I finally gave in and signed up for Ebates. You can earn cash back (usually 3%-8%) through Ebates by shopping at thousands of online stores through the store link on their site. Then every three months, they mail you a check, or add it to your PayPal account (if you have $5.01 or more in rebates). To start you off, Ebates gives all new members $5 automatically added to your account (so pretty much you just need to make one small purchase in the next three months to already get your first check)... Here's a great deal with Ebates this weekend:

Through Monday (11/30), Ebates is offering a super sweet deal: 50% cash back on all Entertainment Books!!! And guess what? Entertainment is offering all books for 30% with FREE SHIPPING!!! So here's the Deal Scenario for a book. Sign up or Log-In to Ebates. Click on the " Coupons & Cashback" link. This will take you to the website. Choose the city closest to you, and purchase the book (additional books are $20 each, with free shipping). Here's the breakdown:

Original Price: $35.00 (for most cities)
Sale Price: $24.50 (30% off Cyber Sale price)
EBates Cash Back: $12.25
Ebates Sign-Up Bonus: $5.00
Total Book Cost: $7.25 ($24.50 out-of-pocket, $7.25 after rebate check)
Total Rebate Check: $17.25

My husband and I love using these for date nights (restaurants, coffee shops, movie tickets, bowling, or even putt-putt), my husband goes golfing with friends with the golf coupons, I get his suits seasonally dry cleaned for 50% normal price... The list goes on! You can even print coupons from the Entertainment website for when you're traveling! And last year, we bought extra books as gifts for siblings and a few friends (it's like giving a young married couple endless date nights throughout the year!).

(If you already use a credit card for online purchase and earn cash back, you'll be really saving some money by using your card and using Ebates!!!)

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