Sunday, November 14, 2010

Veggie Tales Christmas Album FREE on Amazon! (16 songs!!!)

The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree

I am learning that Amazon frequently offers free mp3 soundtracks and albums. I recently downloaded the Veggie Tales Christmas Album, "The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree", which is being offered for FREE on Amazon* (all 16 songs). The faces that Levi makes while we're listening to it makes me laugh! And then he laughs, and then I laugh again! The joys I'm discovering in motherhood... Anyway, enjoy this free album as Christmas approaches (and yes, you can do silly dancing with your kiddos along with the songs!)

Thanks to The Frugal Girls for sharing this!

* If this is the first time you have downloaded an MP3 from Amazon, you will have to download their MP3 Downloader before continuing. But you only have to do that once, so from here on out, you can download various free albums/songs when they offer them!

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  1. Very cool! My son will LOVE this! Thanks for posting :)