Monday, November 15, 2010

HOT Groupon: $35 for $100 worth of photo books, calendars, or cards at Picaboo! (TODAY ONLY)

Groupon* apparently offers their "$35 for $100 at Picaboo" fairly frequently, which I love! This time it's listed under Chattanooga, TN (since it's an online company, anyone can buy this Groupon, regardless of where you live). This Picaboo Groupon is good for 1 year, can be used across multiple purchases, as well as be applied to taxes and shipping. So buy the Groupon now, then visit the Picaboo website to see what deals they are currently offering (they change about every two weeks).

January 2010 brought my husband and I a treasure: our son, Levi. In September, I bought this Groupon for Picaboo, and created a "Treasured Moments" 2010 book, to capture Levi's first year. Matched with sales, I was able to buy 10 copies in various sizes to stash away as Christmas gifts, as well as keep one for myself. If you haven't used Picaboo before, you should check it out. It allows complete freedom in creating, while working on your computer (instead of a website), and you only have to upload the book once it's complete. I plan on making some cards with them in the future!

* If this is your first time ordering a Groupon, by clicking on the above link, I will receive referral credit. Or you can go directly to Groupon yourself if you would prefer. I'm still learning all of the in's and out's of blogging, and finding ways to continue living frugally as a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). Thanks!

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  1. Bought it! Now I just have to find time to use it!