Saturday, November 12, 2011

Introducing "Sweet Pea"

I get to proudly introduce "Sweet Pea" to all of you! Her official name is Eliana Ruth, and we affectionately call her Ellie. She joined our little family on October 24th, and was a healthy 6lbs. 14oz. and a petite 19.5in (my son was almost 8lbs. & 21in, so she feels very tiny!). Such an adorable blessing from the Lord!

So as I adjust to my new role as a mommy of two under two (yes, there are some crazy days ahead!), I look forward to jumping back into blogging, especially as the holidays quickly approach! We can all encourage and challenge one another on ways to find great gifts within our budgets, at the same time continuing to remember that spending quality time with friends & family sends the message of our love for them the best!

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