Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adventures in Odyssey: Listen Online FREE...

Aloha, Oy 3
I grew up listening to a kids radio program called "Adventures in Odyssey", produced by Focus on the Family. These family/kid-friendly radio dramas kept my sisters and I entertained on many car trips (even to the grocery store, since we lived 30 minutes away), and while we laughed, we also learned about godly character in everyday life. My husband listened to them, too, so we've had fun remembering various episodes!

So now a mom myself, I started thinking of them a few weeks ago, and discovered you can listen to a free daily episode at Whit's End. All you have to do is click on "Listen Now", and it will open up a media player. There is also about a months' worth of episodes archived at Whit's End, so if you can listen to more by selecting "Shows", then "Adventure in Odyssey", and add them to your playlist.

Whether you listened to these growing up, or you've never heard of them, you definitely should check these freebies out!

So this week my little Levi and I have had fun listening to Adventures in Odyssey while cleaning up around the house. And I wanted to share these treasures with other mommies!

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