Friday, March 4, 2011

Giant Eagle: E-Coupons

If you live near a Giant Eagle (a local grocery store here in Ohio), did you know about "E-offers"? Basically, they are electronic coupons that are added to your Advantage Card, and are automatically deducted when you check out. The e-offer coupons are usually good for 1-2 months (the current ones expire between April 1st-April 30th). The e-offers have a wide range of coupons for cereal, boxed goods, shampoo, housecleaning supplies... Just go here, sign-up your advantage card, then "Clip" the coupons you want! (and yes, if you have a printable coupon/newspaper coupon, you can use that coupon, too, which is called "stacking") Each e-offer coupon is good for one item (so if you buy 2, it only takes it off of one). 

Have fun saving more money! (stacking e-offers has helped me buy really cheap Yoplait yogurt, Always pads, Pampers baby wipes, cereal, etc... for free or really cheap!)

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