Thursday, March 3, 2011

Picaboo: Get $10 Refer-a-Friend Credit (up to $200)

Wanted to pass this hot new referral program along to everyone: Picaboo just started a "Refer-A-Friend" program, which gives $10 to both you, and the friend you refer (up to $200, or 20 friends). To get the $10 credit, sign-up or sign-in to Picaboo, and grab your referral link. Your account will be credited when a friend has signed up and downloaded the PicabooX software to their computer (which is why I love Picaboo, you work directly from your desktop, and doesn't require an internet connection until you upload the book to order). It doesn't require a purchase. I love it when both people benefit ($10 for you, $10 for friend)! So go to Picaboo now, grab your link, and start referring friends!

Hey, if I earn some referral credit here, I can surprise my hubby with a photo book for his birthday in May! (yep, I did include my referral link, since after all, this is promoting a "refer-a-friend" program!)

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