Friday, February 11, 2011

Econobum Cloth Diapers: 2 Covers & 2 Prefolds for $10!!! (shipped!)

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Econobum Single Pack
For all the cloth diapering moms out there, here's a great sale at Cotton Babies... They currently have their Econobum cloth diaper kit (cover & prefold) on sale B1G1... They are $9.95 normally, so you basically get 2 covers & 2 prefolds for $9.95! And shipping is always FREE on CottonBabies, no matter the size of the order. So if you need a few extra covers/diapers, or want to try cloth diapering without spending a lot of money, this is a great way to do it!

I currently use these Econobum covers, and I would recommend them. I started cloth diapering almost a year ago with my little Levi, and I bought Thirsties covers based on the recommendations from friends. And I LOVE Thirsties covers. However, I was looking at getting a few extra covers to help fill the gap during stressful weeks when I wasn't getting the covers washed as frequently, so I tried an Econobum based on the price. It works perfect for that need. When they went on sale a few months ago, I bought a couple more. Econobum are "One-Size" diapers, meaning they have a series of snaps so that you can adjust the stride of the diaper cover and the waist to fit your baby from birth-potty training. Econobum are lighter weight than Thirsties and some of the other brands, but hold up very well. We've had no leaks or blow-outs, and minimal staining on the inside lining. Since they started making the colored edgings, this would cut down on leg-hole staining. Anyway, I would recommend them as spares, for church (they are thinner than other diaper covers), and to expand your cloth diaper collection by a few diapers! It's amazing you can get 2 covers and 2 prefolds for $10!!!

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