Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Cup of Morning Coffee!

As a friend in college jokingly told me, I like my coffee so "blonde" (with cream), that it's albino! And it's true. I especially love flavored creamers. I discovered this summer that Coffee Mate has coupons at their website regularly. My favorite is the $.75/1 coupon. You have to give your email address (which is another time when having an email address for coupons/freebies is very handy), and if you hit the back button, you can print the coupon twice. I have been able to print this off every month this summer. I use this at Giant Eagle (which doubles coupons under $.99) or Walmart, and am able to feed my addiction for a lot cheaper!

To make this even sweeter, I discovered a few weeks ago that using the baby food processor someone gave us (which is great for small amounts), makes a very frothy, sweet morning treat! I only drink one 12oz. cup of coffee every morning, and this has made my morning routine really fun! I added up the calories the other day, and it's only 120 (which I think is pretty good for a coffee treat compared to coffee-house calories). I add two tablespoons of flavored creamer (70 calories) and 1 tablespoon of caramel topping (50 calories) to my cup of coffee, then blend it for thirty seconds, which gives me a very frothy cup of coffee! A normal counter-top blender would work, too, just a little harder to clean quickly! I do that when making an blended ice coffee treat.

What are some coffee/hot drink treats that you've learned how to make at home?

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