Monday, August 16, 2010

Let me clarify something...

After talking to a friend today, I wanted to clarify something: this summer I have gotten some great deals on various groceries, household supplies, and photos, but that doesn't happen every shopping trip, or on every item.

When I started this, I decided it was worth my time if I could take $5-$10 off my weekly grocery trip. I wanted to set my sights low, and then be surprised when/if something more amazing happened! If I could cut down our expenses by $20 a month, that would be $20 we could move somewhere else!

Probably the biggest lesson I have had to learn in getting a really good deal on something is simply waiting. Waiting for a sale to match a great coupon. This involves glancing over the weekly sales ads that come in my Sunday newspaper, and the local store ads that come in my mailbox every Tuesday.

Once that opportunity comes, I try to buy several of something to stock up for later. Don't forget that you can use one coupon per item, and some stores allow you to "stack" coupons. So if it's a sale for 4 for $10, you can also use four coupons... And make an "ok" deal a great deal!

There are times, however, that I have to have something that week, and I have to be okay with that. I can't always get a fanastic price, but that's ok... that's what I've already been paying all along, and the other sales help balance things out.

So just wanted to let y'all know that! And that's the fun of blogs. We can inspire each other on the great deals we find, jump on board on some of those deals, or at least encourage one another to keep on looking!

Thanks, friends, for your patience as I learn this stuff!

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  1. Jess, you are doing a great job! Here is a fun tip I found at Walmart while shopping the other day!! I usually shop at Giant Eagle, despite the high prices, but hey I am stuck in my ways... but recently found some great deals at Walmart. Jerry loves his Gushers, and at Giant Eagle they are usually on sale for 2/$5, which isn't great, but ok. I have recently been printing coupons from and foudn one for get $1 off when you buy 2 packs of gushers. Well, at walmart, gushers are already $2, that means I could get 2 pakcs for $3, or 4 packs for onlya dollar more than what I was spending at Giant Eagle (wiht a coupon of course). Thanks for all your tips!