Monday, August 16, 2010

Whoops! Forgot to mention my fav coupon sites!

This won't take long, because it's just the basics, but along with following a few fantastic blogs like Money Saving Mom and The Frugal Girls, I print coupons from the following places:

I also print coupons directly from manufacturers websites. If you set up an email account to use strictly for couponing and freebies, you can sign up at various places like Scrubbing Bubbles or P&G Sampler to recieve coupons or freebies directly from the manufacturer! 

Don't forget that your local Sunday newspaper can also carry coupons, but not all of them do. Our local papers did not, but I was able to subscribe to recieve the Cleveland Plain Dealer to be delivered, for $.70 less a week than it was for me to buy it in store! You can check online to see which newspaper carries the coupon booklet you want!

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