Saturday, September 10, 2011

Freezer Cooking: Chicken Stuffing Casserole

(If I had taken a picture, it would go here...)

I did another session with freezer cooking yesterday (I have a huge motivation to do this throughout my week right now... a little girl will be joining our family in about 9 weeks!). I'm getting braver about doing this, and gaining courage to tackle new recipes! I went with two more recipes tested & found good from the Money Saving Mom website: chicken stuffing casserole and corn dog muffins.

I'll just say up front I only did the chicken stuffing casseroles and never got to the corn dog muffins. So my freezer cooking session ended up only being 31 minutes from start to finish, instead of an hour. I ran out of steam, and had planned on making the corn dog muffins while one of the casseroles was baking for 30 minutes. Instead I decided to go sit down and watch a little bit of Finding Nemo with my toddler (his favorite movie and a treat when he gets to watch part of it!). It was just one of those days! :-)

However, I did double the recipe for the chicken stuffing casserole, and since it called for cooking it in 13x9 (which usually means a lot of leftovers for our family of three), I made four 8x8 casseroles instead. I baked one for supper & froze the other three. I bought foil pans at a local store for $.30 each (including a lid) so we have less dishes to do with a newborn around. I will try out the various methods of freezing in a casserole dish lined with plastic wrap or wax paper sometime, but right now is just not my time for that.

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