Thursday, September 29, 2011

SWAGBUCKS: 100 Swagbucks for New Members!!!

If you are still waiting to sign-up for Swagbucks, NOW IS THE TIME!!! As a special promotion, all new members get 100 Swagbucks to start off with (usually only 30--this is the highest special offer I've seen). Earn Swagbucks when doing your normal internet searches, for printing & using coupons, taking surveys, inviting friends, and more... then redeem your Swagbucks for gift cards or other prizes. A $5 Amazon Gift Card is only 450 Swagbucks (those are my favorite because you can buy almost ANYTHING on Amazon!). 

So if you're new to Swagbucks, here's how to sign-up and get your 100 Swagbucks:

- Go here to sign-up* (it's free to join)
- Enter your name & email address
- Before completing your sign-up, make sure to enter "BIGTIMEBUCKS" into the Swagcodes Box on the sign-up page... you can't come back and do this after you sign-up (so you would not get credit for the extra 70 Swagbucks, only the usual 30)

If you are already a Swagbucks user, go grab your referral link and start inviting friends so you can earn some extra Swagbucks! Make sure to tell them about this special offer (I'm not sure when it ends, but I'm working on finding out).

* The links in this post do contain my referral link, since that's one of the many ways to earn extra Swagbucks!

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