Thursday, September 8, 2011

When You Rise
Here is another fun giveaway by two fellow stay-at-home (SAH) moms at their brand-new blog "When You Rise". Head over here to enter to win a copy of "The Jesus Storybook Bible". You can earn up to 3 entries: one just for entering, one for following them on Facebook, and one for sharing the giveaway with friends. Leave a comment with your first & last name on the giveaway blog post telling them you did each of those things. This giveaway ends tonight, Sept. 8th.

These two moms at When You Rise will be sharing creative ideas for teaching your toddlers (and older children) truths from the Bible in simple, fun, age appropriate ways. I am really excited about this, because my Levi is 19m and catching on to so many things! God has given each and every one of us moms unique gifts we can share with one another, and these two women are gifted in taking basic Bible stories & truths and making them into something teachable to toddlers/children. And we are all blessed with the technology of blogs so we can learn from others! Their first post is about honesty, and how we should encourage one another in this journey of motherhood as we seek to teach our children from God's Word. A great read, because I know I personally struggle with comparing my life & motherhood to all the other "super-mom" bloggers out there, and often feel like I fall short since I get only glimpses of the good moments!

So whether or not you win the Jesus Storybook Bible, "like" this blog and be encouraged and inspired in your daily journey as "mom"!

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