Monday, September 12, 2011

My Sheetz Card: Get Great "Freebiez" (& save on gas!)

If you live near a Sheetz gas station, or pass by them while traveling, you should definitely sign-up for a free "My Sheetz Card" to get some great freebies, as well as save $.03 off each gallon of gas you purchase there. Once you have your card, go register it online with your email address, and you will be emailed freebie notifications like the following one:
My husband and I both signed up for cards, and every couple of weeks (literally like every 3 weeks) we get an email letting us know a freebie has been placed on our card for a few weeks. We have gotten fun things like a free King Size Reese's, 20 oz. Mountain Dew, 20 oz. Fanta, sugar cookies, "fruit-to-go" pouch, full-size Monster energy drink, beef jerky, etc... No other purchase necessary, you can just grab your freebie if you want!

Also, any size fountain drink, coffee, slush, or hot beverage are $.99 all the time.

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