Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby Genius: $25 for 5 DVD's & 5 CD's

Today Groupon* is offering a set of Baby Genius Sing-A-Long DVD's and CD's for $25. This is 5 DVD's, with their accompanying CD's, and includes shipping. That's only $2.50 an item! My son doesn't watch much TV, but there have been some days that a 20 minute baby video is what helps keep me sane! :-) This would make a great gift for someone, even if you split them up into 5 separate gifts for 5 different people. Or like me, you could definitely use them at home (Levi love to dance to music!).

*Groupon is a nationwide daily deals site that offers big discounts to restaurants, hotels, apparel, entertainment, etc... And like many other deal sites, they offer referral credit if you pass a deal on and a friend buys it. So the links above are my referral link. It's a perk to passing on deals, but most of all I want to help y'all get some great bargains, so feel free to go directly to the groupon website if you feel umcomfortable with that, choose Dallas as the city, and purchase the deal!

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