Monday, January 31, 2011

RiteAid: FREE Edy's Ice Cream & Lay's Stacks!!! (and no coupons needed!)

Who doesn't like ice cream and chips? This is a deal anyone can do. You don't need any coupons! But you do need a Rite Aid card (they are free, and you can even apply for one when you go to grab these deals)

So here's the deal:
Edy's Ice Cream: $2.99 each
     - Receive $2 +up reward (prints out on your receipt to use on next purchase)

Lay's "Stacks" Chips: $1 each
     - Receive $1 +up reward

Spend $15 on select foods (the ice cream and chips are included), get a $5 +up reward (one per household)

Deal Scenario #1:
     - Buy 5 ice creams
     - Spend $15+tax out of pocket
     - Get $15 back in +up rewards to use on your next purchase ($10 for the ice cream, $5 for spending $15)

Deal Scenario #2:
     - Buy 3 ice creams ($9)
     - Buy 6 cans of chips ($6)
     - Get $17 back in +up rewards

Repeat deal.... :-) Tonight I spent $21 out of pocket (combined from 2 separate transactions) and got the following:
- 7 tubs of Edy's Ice Cream (we have a deep freezer)- $21
- 8 cans of Lays Stacks- $8
- 4 Packs of Stayfree pads (On sale B1G1, and I had B1G1 coupons) $22
- 2 bottles of St. Johns Wart (vitamins on sale B1G1 and I had coupons) $18
- Nature Made Sleep Aid (had coupons) $13

Original Total: $82 +tax
Out of Pocket: $21 (savings of $61)
+Up Rewards still left: $9 (so basically I spent $12 for all of the above, because I'm sure I will find some more great deals at Rite Aid and score some more free stuff to keep these +Up rewards rolling!)


  1. That is seriously amazing. I wish I had time and patience to figure out to do that!

    The Armies and us were talking about you last night and how great you are at this sort of thing! Mandy and I are very happy that you find deals and we can borrow them from you!

  2. The fun part about this deal is that you don't have to have any coupons or anything. And $15 for 5 icecreams is a good price anyway, so getting $15 back is amazing...