Monday, January 3, 2011

Cotton Babies: Bum Genius Clearance $9.95!!!

<div style="font-weight:bold; color:red;">AWARD WINNING!</div> bumGenius 3.0 <br />DELUXE All-In-One<br />Cloth Diapers
If you are already cloth-diapering, or are interested in starting, I highly recommend Cotton Babies. This website has not only a wide selection of cloth diapers, they also explain a bunch of the different options for cloth diapering that are out there. They are currently having a sale on their BumGenius 3.0 AIO's (All-In-One Diaper) for only $9.95 with free shipping.

I also love the Planet Wise diaper pail liners for $16.50 (which I use with a garbage can I bought at Wal-Mart). I recommend having two, so when you carry the soiled diapers down to the washing machine, you can throw the whole thing in, and have one already back in the diaper pail.

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