Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Online Shopping: Earn 2-10% Cashback...


I found out a few months ago that on top of getting cashback through my credit card, and using coupon codes for discounts/free shipping at online retails places, I can also earn cashback on purchases through places I already purchase from online... For example, in December, when my husband and I finally got to buy the deep freezer we had been saving cash to buy, we did it through Shop At Home to earn 10% cashback on our purchase. Shop At Home is one of many sites online that you can use to stretch your dollar even a little further... Here's the basics:

- Register or Login to Shop At Home.
- Click on "Online Shopping", then "all Stores".
- Find the store you were going to shop at online.
- Select the store... it will show you various coupons available to use when you shop.
- Shop At Home will redirect you to that store's main website, by opening a new window with a tracking number. (shop through that window, though, don't switch windows/browsers)
- Make your purchase just like you normally would. In a few days, your cashback amount should show up in your Shop At Home account. Once you reach a minimum of $20, Shop At Home will mail you a check. They mail checks monthly.
- Earn extra by referring friends* to Shop At Home.

So many of us already shop online to save time & money. This can be a great way to save more if you already shop online. As always, if you weren't planning on spending the money, don't do it just for the deal! Then it's really not saving anything!

* Shop At Home offers referral credit when you have new members sign up through your referral link. That is my link above, so go directly to www.shopathome.com if you would rather not be a referral. As always, I appreciate referrals, since it helps me as I pursue being a stay at home mommy! But it's not the main reason I blog. I blog because I love good deals, and when I find them, I can't help but pass them on!

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