Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shop At Home: 10% Cashback at many stores...

This week, through January 16th, Shop At Home* is offering 10% cashback at quite a few stores. Here are some of them (and yes, this includes clearanced stuff in all the semi-annual sales going on):

- Target.com 10%
- Sears.com 10%
- Macys.com 10%
- Petsmart.com 10%
- Kmart.com 10%
- VictoriaSecret.com 10%
- Borders.com 10%
- Aeropostale.com 10%
- JCPenney.com 10%

New to Shop At Home? You can find out more about how it works here.

* Shop At Home offers referral credit when you have new members sign up through your referral link. That is my link above, so go directly to www.shopathome.com if you would rather not be a referral. As always, I appreciate referrals, since it helps me as I pursue being a stay at home mommy! But it's not the main reason I blog. I blog because I love good deals, and when I find them, I can't help but pass them on!

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