Saturday, January 8, 2011

Johnson & Johnson Travel First Aid Kit for $.25!!!

Both Target & Wal-Mart usually carry a Johnson & Johnson Travel First Aid Kit for $1 in the travel-size area of the health & beauty section in the store. It's a small white box, with the basic bandaids, wipes, gauze, etc... SmartSource currently has a $1.50/2 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Products. You should be able to use this coupon on 2 travel kits, making each only $.25!!! I bought these over the summer and restocked them with more bandaids, some travel size Advil & Tylenol, and a small tube of Neosporin. Perfect size to slide into a glove box, purse, or diaper bag!


  1. Can't find this coupon on SmartSource.

  2. it looks like it is gone now... once a certain print limit is reached, online coupons are removed. They are restocked at the beginning of each month (but might be different coupons), and gradually have less and less until they are restocked. Sorry!