Saturday, August 13, 2011

Busy Bag #2: Pipe Cleaners in a Bottle

Here is Busy Bag #2: Pipe Cleaners in a Bottle. This idea I got from the blogger at "Engaging Toddler Activities". To see the complete tutorial, head over here

- Pipe Cleaners
- Plastic container with lid
Total Cost: Depends on what supplies you already have* (Mid-range pipe cleaners were $.79 a pack at Hobby Lobby, but were 50% off, so only $.40. I used a food storage container I already had)

Modifications I made for my son...
- Used a shorter container. I originally made it with a "Puffs" snack container (like the one in the tutorial). Levi wasn't getting the hang of stuffing the pipe cleaners all the way down, so they were bending and he was getting frustrated... definitely not my intention! The shorter container also doesn't flip over as much.
- Bent & twisted pipe cleaners to make them thicker. To help with not bending as easily, I folded the pipe cleaners in half and twisted them. You could do this for the tall container by twisting two pipe cleaners together. Whichever you choose, don't forget to bend the little ends up to help with not having sharp tips.

Levi loves playing with this. He loves sticking straws in and out of cups, and this is the same concept. Very easy to keep in a bag, and you can store the pipe cleaners in the tub when not being used!

Other Busy Bags:

* When making any of these busy bags, look around your house, kitchen, and craft room to see what you can re-use or re-purpose! Saves a ton of money and helps move things on to a new home! Your activity might look a little different than the original, but your 18m toddler won't know the difference, right? As always, feel free to share ideas in the comments below!

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