Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Bag #4: Counting & Colors with Pom-Poms

Here is another easy, cheap, & fun busy bag:

- Various colored "pom-poms" (you can buy large ones so there is less choking hazard)
- a small container w/ lid (I used an extra snack container)
Total Cost: $1-$3 depending on what you already have!
Time: 2 minutes or less

Put 10 or so "pom-poms" in the container, then put the whole container in a quart-size plastic bag until ready to be taken out to play with.

The child can count the pom-poms as he/she puts them back in the container. Go over colors, counting, and even how to open/close a container with lid! Again, very simple. But fun! I got the idea of using pom-poms from "My Delicious Ambiguity", as website with lots of Busy Bag ideas, but changed it to a container instead of a bottle to adjust to my 18m old's abilities (it doesn't help mommy out very much if I have to be the one pulling the pop-poms back out for him to play with!)

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