Saturday, August 13, 2011

Busy Bag #3: Colors & Shapes Magnets

Here is another simple Busy Bag you can put together to have on hand for busy little fingers and eyes. I just called it "Colors & Shapes Magnets". This is a spin-off of the family photo magnets I found here (and I plan on making next time I get around to having pictures developed, because both my family and my husband's live long distance).

- Several colors of Crafting Foam Paper (Around $2 for 15 sheets or so I think? I also recently saw foam shapes/colors in the Target $1 that look like they would work great!)
- One-sided magnet tape* ($2.50 or so at Hobby Lobby. Remember Hobby Lobby has weekly printable coupons, often 40% off one item)
- Scissors 
- Permanent Marker
Total Cost: Minimal, considering how many you can make from just $5 in supplies!

- Using scissors, cut out various shapes (I cut out two of every shape/color so we could possibly play matching down the road)
- Cut 1 inch pieces of magnet tape and stick to the back of the shape*
- Write "(Color)" or "(Shape)" on the front (or both)
- Put all the pieces in a quart size ziplock bag!

Have fun! This can be a travel activity if you bring a small metal cookie sheet to use as the board. Fridges & dishwashers work great in the house!

Other Busy Bag Ideas:

*My 18m son already figured out how to pull the magnets off and tried eating them... so keep an eye on your child when playing with these (as with anything else). I'm going to try hot glue or super glue to see if either of those work better than just the standard adhesive on the back of the magnet. As a child gets older, this shouldn't be as much of an issue.

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