Sunday, August 14, 2011

Target: 8GB SD Memory Card $9 (in stores 8/14-8/20)

This might seem random, because it has nothing directly to do with babies or children, but Target has their Lexar 8GB SD Memory Cards* on sale this week for $9. That's a HUGE savings on this type of memory card. They usually run $18-$35 depending on where you go. Our digital camcorder uses this kind of card, and it can hold 2 hours of HD video on it, and more if we're not recording in HD.

Just wanted to give other technological junkies like me the heads up, just in case you've been wanting to get an extra card! They offered this sale last month, and we bought two, just in time for family vacation! Captured some priceless moments! When I went to Target last time, they did not have a sale tag, but I had it price-checked and it rang up $9.

* If you wanted even more specifics, it's an 8GB SDHC (high-capacity) Speed/Class 4 memory card... some digital cameras and camcorders require a class 4 or higher to work well. Just check your manual.

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