Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saving to Give: Beyond my stockpile...

As I get back into the couponing swing of things, I am going to start intentionally picking up items to set aside to give. My husband (a youth pastor) took a group of teenagers to inner-city Philly in July, and I raided the stockpile to send toiletry items for the homeless they were planning on encountering. I have been building my stockpile this last year for our little family of three (almost four!), but I'm ready to start setting aside items to give. So once a month or so I will take a picture of my growing "saving to give" stockpile, and we can start challenging each other to give to others when we can!

Today I picked up a bottle of Men's Gillette bodywash (free) and a 3-pack of Ivory soap ($.09) at Giant Eagle. I also stopped in at Walgreens to pick up 3 Reach toothbrushes for free, I just had to pay tax. So it has begun!

I look forward to seeing this add up!

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