Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nursing Covers $9.95 Shipped & Baby Slings $11.95 Shipped!!!

If you are looking for a nursing cover or baby sling for yourself or as a gift for someone, here's a great deal this week:

At Udder Covers you can purchase any nursing cover or 10 sets of washable breast pads for $9.95 shipped using promo code "BREASTFED" at checkout. This will deduct $32 from your total, leaving you to only pay the $9.95 shipping. I have made my own and for friends, and materials alone cost $5-$6 fabric on sale, so this is a great deal because it takes no time at all! You don't even have to leave your house!

At SevenSlings you can purchase a baby sling for $11.95 shipped using the same promo code, "BREASTFED" at checkout, which will deduct $39 from your total (so you can choose to get the gift set with baby leg warmers if you want, which would only be $5 more). They also offer a $3.50 "Size Exchange Insurance" that would cover you shipping it back to get a different size if you needed within two weeks.

Both of these sites will let you use the promo code more than once, you just have to close your browser and re-open the page! Have fun!

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