Thursday, August 25, 2011

Toys 'R Us & Babies 'R Us: ALL Clearance Clothing $5 or Less!!!

I was actually at Babies 'R Us last weekend, then stopped in at Toys 'R Us for Crayola markers this week, and both times found some great items on the clearance racks. Right now, ALL Clearance clothes & shoes are $5 or less. Even if the clearance tag says more, it rings up for $5. I got two pairs of shoes for my 19m old boy in the next size up (sandals & loafers), two pairs of Carters pajamas sets (one has glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs... who would have thought?), and a scuba swim shirt for next summer (the kind with the SPF45 in it?). 

I also saw entire outfits for $5: polo, undershirt, and khaki's, or a button down, t-shirt, and shorts, etc... Those are not only a great price on an entire outfit, but would also make a good gift! The girls clothing was similar, but of course for girls... :-) I just don't have my daughter in my arms quite yet, so I was looking only at little boy things. There were literally racks and racks of clearance clothes, as well as several large displays of shoes for each gender. 

Have fun shopping! These kind of clearance sales definitely help for specific items, and can be great to set aside for the next size up. But as always, no matter what the price, if you don't need it, don't buy it, because then you really are spending money, not saving it! :-)

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  1. I wish my Babies R Us was like this. I went in to buy a baby shower gift and stock up on clearance clothes for my little guy. I was not lucky enough to get the $5 deal, although Baby J did get a brand new wardrobe.