Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toys R' Us: B1G2 Free ALL Crayola Markers & Crayons (through Aug. 27)

If you have kiddos around the house who love to color, draw, and create works of art, this would be a great sale to stock up on markers & crayons! Through Saturday, August 27th, buy 1 Crayola or Marker item and get 2 FREE (of equal or lesser value). I went this morning and bought three packs of those cute Crayola "Pipsqueak" Markers to put back as Christmas presents. They were $4.99, so it came out to $1.66 per pack of Pipsqueaks. Target has the same pack for $3.79. So this is a really good sale. And it was tough choosing between the fat ones, skinny ones, and the ones with fancy tips that do different designs!

I didn't know until this summer how Toys 'R Us actually runs some pretty good weekly sales! I always thought of them as high-priced and I never really even shopped there.

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